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      Blanket Photo Resolution Help

      We need a photo that is a minimum of 2000x2000 pixels to blow up to blanket size. You can check the size of your image in pixels here

      Where did you get your photo?

      iPhone - Your original photo taken on an iPhone is over 2500x3000 pixels. If less, you are having an issue uploading the wrong photo. On your iPhone always go to the Photos app and email or upload your photo from there so we get the original. See step by step instructions here

       If you take a lot of photos, the iPhone will reduce the pixel size stored on the phone. If that is the case, all your originals may be on your computer filed under iCloud Photos usually in your pictures folder. You can find the original sized photo there, just click on downloads. You can also 

      go to, log in with your Apple password, click on photos, and find your original photo there.

       Android Phone - Your original photo taken on a smartphone is over 2500x3000 pixels. Go to Photos and click share and then email. When asked about size, click high.

      If that doesn't work, go to and if you had set up your phone to link to Google Photos they all should be there. If you have a Samsung, go to Click Sign in, enter your Samsung account information, and then click SIGN IN again. If you have a phone that takes photos but is not a smartphone the size will vary and your original is what you have to use.

       Social Media - Most social media photos are usually in the 750-1200 Pixel range. The best option is to contact the friend who took the photo. If it is a gift for the friend then you only option you have is to print a colored border or choose a collage. You also might consider a smaller product that doesn’t require a high resolution photo.

       Camera - New cameras all take photos that are over 2500 pixels on the shortest side. If you have a very old camera, it should be at least a 6 megapixel camera.

       Internet Search - Many folks want their favorite celebrity or comic character on a blanket. Pixel size varies. If you are searching the internet for images that would work for your blanket use Bing Image Search and search for "high resolution (Name to Find)"

      Hover over the image and it will show the size in pixels. Ignore designs from Getty Images, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, and any other company that sells images because they are watermarked.

       Printed Photo - If you have an old photo that was printed on photo paper, download the free Google Photoscan app for Android or iPhone which scans at high resolution. You also you can have it scanned at 600dpi.

      If you were able to get a high resolution photo over 2000x2000 pixels, you can place your order here

       What can I do if my photo is too small? 

      All is not lost if you are unable to find the original. As shown below, we can print a border around your photo.

      Sample Blanket with Border

      What size print can I expect?

      We can only blow up a photo so much without losing quality. The table below shows the approximate size print that may be made on a blanket. We can print a colored border and center the photo to fit the size blanket you want. (see attached color chart and size comparison)  The table shows the approximate size you can expect. You can check the size of your image in pixels here

      Pixel Size Smallest Side

      Print Size on Blanket

      Border Size 30x40” Blanket

      Border Size 50x60” Blanket

      Border Size 60x80” Blanket



























      Once you are satisfied with using the image with a border sent the image and color border to and they will provide you with the artwork to to submit and a mockup for your approval. Feel free to contact support if you have any further questions about this process.


      Peak Color Chart

      Another option is to order a collage which is only $5 more with up to 5 pictures.  See Blanket Collage If your pictures are over 1000x1000 pixels, you need only 2 photos to work. If your photos are over 500-999 pixels you need  4-6 photos. Anything under 500x500 will need 6-8 photos. If you ordered on Etsy, we can send a listing to upgrade if you choose this option.



      Peak Collage Sample